Paula Abdul Looks 'Straight Up' Fantastic! Juvaderm, Botox & Chemical Peels, Doctor Speculates

Paula Abdul looks great these days and has exclusively learned the singer, songwriter and dancer may have had a little help from the likes of Juvaderm, Botox and chemical peels.

The 51-year-old stepped out Saturday night at the 3rd Annual Dizzy Feet Celebration of Dance Gala looking a lot less wrinkled in the face and Dr. Anthony Youn — who has never treated the former American Idol judge — thinks she looks fantastic.

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“Paula looks great! Her face displays the soft fullness of youth. Most 51-year-old women would kill to have such a smooth, wrinkle-free face,” Dr. Youn told Radar.

“I suspect that she may have had some help from a good plastic surgeon in the form of Sculptra injections to fill out the cheeks, Juvederm injections to fill in wrinkles, Botox to smooth frown lines, and a set of chemical peels to rejuvenate her skin.”

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According to Dr. Youn of Youn Plastic Surgery, Paula’s face hasn’t drastically changed like Tatum O’Neal‘s did with the treatments, she just looks more filled out and youthful.

“She looks ‘Straight Up’ fantastic!” he said.

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