Mariah Carey Dazzles In Arm Sling After Injury

Mariah Carey made good to headline the MLB All Star Charity Concert benefiting Superstorm Sandy relief efforts Saturday night.

Singing with the New York Philharmonic, Carey brought down the house in Central Park, even though it was just days after she suffered an extremely painful injury while shooting a music industry.

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As reported, Mariah suffered a cracked rib, fractured and dislocated shoulder and multiple bruises when she fell off her high heels on Monday.

The songbird had her right arm in a sling throughout the concert. But this is Mariah so she changed her sling with each costume change and each one was as dazzling as her matching gown.

DemBabies‘  Mama will remain in a sling for a few more weeks, and will surely be making a fashion statement with every one of them.

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