Is She A Belieber Again? Selena Gomez Spends 4th Of July With Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez might have had their own private fireworks show going on Thursday night because it seems like they spent the 4th of July together.

On-again, off-again, the young couple try to stay low key but their friends shared videos and photos from the night and it looks like they celebrated the holiday with each other.

Alfredo Flores, Justin’s good buddy, posted a video on Istagram and Selena makes an appearance at the end of the clip.

In a second video posted by Jas Prince, Christina Milian’s fiancé, it appears that Justin is standing with his arm around Selena right at the end.

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Then there is photographic evidence too.

Lil Twist, the Bieb’s partner in crime, posted a picture of Justin with his sister and another photo with Selena.

As previously reported, the lovebirds caught a movie together just days ago on June 28.

Neither Justin nor Selena gave any clues about their holiday reunion.

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She Tweeted: “Happy Birthday America!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the day. XOXO… Happy 4th!!!” and he wrote a simple “Great night.”

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