Amanda Bynes’ ‘Peculiar Behavior’ Captured In Soup Restaurant

Amanda Bynes’ erratic behavior in New York City is usually caught by the paparazzi but on Wednesday night she was eating alone in a soup and salad restaurant when a producer from the television show The View witnessed first-hand her “peculiar behavior.”

Telling Barbara Walters and Joy Behar about the accidental run-in, supervising producer “Dusty,” who didn’t want her name revealed, said she notice someone walking into the Upper West Side restaurant wearing a “crazy blonde wig and dark sunglasses.”

“I immediately knew it was Amanda Bynes,” she said, and said she surreptitiously snapped two photos of the 27-year-old.

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I’m not an expert on mental health,” she said to describe the former Nickelodeon star’s actions.

“There was peculiar behavior. That is what I will say.”

She said Amanda  ordered a split pea soup and ate it very quickly and was “mumbling to herself.”

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After she finished her meal Dusty said she “stood outside she put herself against the glass and stared at the people who were eating in the window.”

Check out The View clip to see the photos of Amanda Bynes on another weird outing in New York City.

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