Bad Bleeping Day For TV Reporter! She Drops ‘F’ Bomb Twice In Two Seconds

Spokane, Wash. news reporter Lindsay Nadrich is the latest viral sensation, after her potty mouth antics — she said the F-word, twice, during a segment from a strawberry farm — erroneously made it into the broadcast due to an editor miscue.

In the clip, the WHQ Spokane personality said, “We were able to pick some of the strawberries today despite this rain …

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“I do have to tell you, it’s worth the drive and worth fighting this rain condition … f*** me, I can’t even f***ing talk!” the Fox reporter said in the taped piece, as a stunned anchor looked on.

The anchor tried her best to move on, saying, “Alright, well we definitely apologize for that editing error in that story … we are going to switch gears now to the prospect of peace talks between the US and the Taliban.”

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Watch the video on (WARNING: Content contains profanity)

The blunder comes two months after rookie broadcaster A.J. Clemente got his 15 minutes of fame after nervously blurting out “f**ing s***” in his on-air debut, after which he was fired from his station, KYFR.

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