Gretchen Rossi Slams Heather Dubrow For Gossiping Behind Her Back About ‘Malibu Country’ Gig, Insists Producers ‘Wanted Me’

In a preview for the June 24 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow tells costars Vicki Gunvalson, Lydia McLaughlin and Tamra Barney that she got offered a guest role in Reba McEntire’s Malibu Country.

Heather and Tamra both then make claims that Gretchen Rossi told them she was offered a part in the same show.

But Heather insists that Gretchen was lying and that when she was at a table read for Malibu Country, a casting director said Gretchen wasn’t offered the role.

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Now, speaking exclusively to, Gretchen insists that she was speaking the truth.

“The truth is I was called by my agent and they said that Malibu Country called and said that they wanted me to come and play myself,” Gretchen tells “And [they asked], ‘Was I available these dates?’ It was over a five day time period.”

Gretchen adds, “So that’s what I know from my point of view.”

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It’s possible that Heather was just confused, she claims.

“Whatever Heather is saying, obviously I was getting different information than she was getting,” Gretchen says.

And the ‘RHOC’ star is sad that Heather had to go talk about her behind her back to the other women.

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“Obviously, I am bummed that she wouldn’t have come to me and had that conversation with me and that she chose to do it behind my back with all the other women,” Gretchen says, “Which I don’t really feel like it was appropriate.”

This isn’t the first time the women have accused her of lying.

During season seven, Alexis Bellino suggested that Gretchen fibbed about getting a Fox5 segment — but then Gretchen brought proof to the reunion.

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“Everybody should have learned last year [that I am telling the truth],” she says. “After the whole Fox5 thing that went down — at the reunion I had proof that I got offered it.”

Gretchen wishes the women would just leave her alone.

“I just don’t know why these girls keep making accusations that I continue to prove are not true,” Gretchen says. “But it is what it is and I encourage people to continue to watch.”

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