Watch: Reese Witherspoon’s Drunk Husband Jim Toth Fails Field Sobriety Test During Boozy Arrest

If you believe the husband of Reese Witherspoon, the reason he failed the field sobriety test during his April 19 arrest in Atlanta was because he had a sore foot ‹ especially since he’d only had “one” drink!

As new video from the police’s dashboard camera — obtained exclusively by — reveals, Jim Toth couldn’t beat the simple physical or cognitive tests that were asked of him by the Georgia State Patrol officer who busted his drink driving.

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“I want you to put that right foot in front of the left foot, heel to toe,” explained the officer, who earlier had pulled over Toth’s swerving vehicle.

Requesting the top Hollywood agent perform a nine-step walk and turn, a slurring Toth responded to the cop: “I have got to be honest with you, I’m not lying to you, I have an injury on my left foot. I’m sorry, that’s why I am going to be shaky!”

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Toth — whose blood alcohol level was recorded at .139 during the stop — added, “I have been injured for a while and I am in rehab on it. If you want me to do it on my right foot, I can do it way better than my left foot.”

The clearly frustrated Georgia State Patrol officer was left to suggest to Toth, “Just stop talking, it will help you out.”

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But after another booze-fuelled exchange between the pair, the officer gave up on a chatty Toth and said: “There again, that mouth, it’s running. This is a very simple test!”

Earlier this week, Toth pled guilty to the charges of driving under the influence.

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