Not So Lucky Ladies Of The Evening! Cops Bust Hookers In New Series That Really Shows The Sin In Sin City!

What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas – especially for some decidedly unlucky “ladies of the evening!”

Casino Confidential, a brand new reality show from TLC, takes you inside the events and crazy characters that give Sin City its name and has an exclusive sneak peek of the premiere episode.

At the legendary Binion’s Casino a bachelor party is just getting started as a couple of the unwitting guys buy two ladies at the bar some drinks, but the interaction doesn’t go unnoticed by the not so unwitting security team, who is soon on the case!

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“Ladies of the evening pray on the single guy sitting at the bar, which isn’t a good thing because they’ll take him for a ride before he even gets married,” the head of security says.

“We try to be a full service hotel but that’s one service we cannot provide.”

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The cops are called and question the women, with one officer saying that she recognizes the two women, one of whom is already on file “for soliciting for sex.”

Meanwhile, the bachelor who didn’t get to enjoy the company of the ladies seems surprised at the cops showing up.

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“They walk up to you like they’re your best friend,” he says. “Then you find out they’re getting escorted out by cops ‘cause they’re hookers!”

Casino Confidential premieres on TLC Thursday, April 4 at 8/7c.

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