Kris Jenner ‘Threw A Huge Frying Pan’ At Her Ex Husband, His Private Diaries Claim

The diary of late Kardashian patriarch, Robert, details how his then-wife Kris Jenner once unleashed an epic and violent outburst on him, which left daughter Kourtney “crying and shaking.”

In one painful entry, the former lawyer of OJ Simpson noted his first wife “threw a huge frying pan at me.”

“Kourtney came downstairs, and she was terrified! She started crying and shaking,” he wrote in a handwritten entry.

In another note, Robert wrote how he received a phone call from Kim, then 8, on Aug. 24, 1989, frantically telling him how her mother had lashed out at her.

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Robert tried to calm down his “hysterical” daughter only for Kris to pick up the phone and scream: “(She Said), ‘Kim, if you don’t get up here right now, you are dead.’”

The following spring, Robert wrote that Kourtney wasn’t safe from her mother’s wrath either.

“Kourtney called me crying saying Mommy said it was her fault we were getting a divorce because she keeps calling me all the time,” he wrote in his private diary, which has been serialized in “The Complete Kardashian Diaries” by In Touch.

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The late legal eagle continued: “I can’t yell at Kris because she will take it out on Kourtney.”

As previously reported, Robert’s diaries also claimed the matriarch, now 57, was violent towards her children and committed adultery as their 12-year marriage collapsed.

The notorious “momager” also had parenting troubles when she began dating Olympian Bruce Jenner, the diaries alleged.

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On Jan. 20, 1991, Robert wrote how Kris had endangered their four children, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob.

“All the kids were playing when Robert Jr. ran outside and somehow got locked in the car in the garage,” Robert detailed.

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That night, he said, the toddler ended up falling asleep in the car, until Kris and Bruce finally got home.

“Robert told us that he was crying because it was so dark,” Robert wrote in the journal. “Of course, Kris never told me about this.”

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