Hollywood’s 25 Biggest Celebrity Divas & Their OUTRAGEOUS Demands

Hollywood’s hottest stars are rich, famous and incredibly demanding!

From movie stars to Billboard chart-toppers, these celebrities are far from modest when it comes to their outrageous requests and diva-like behavior. RadarOnline.com has ranked the 25 biggest celebrity divas, along with details about their totally ostentatious demands, in the photo gallery below.

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s 25 Biggest Celebrity Divas

She may seem all southern sweet and low maintenance in her downtime, but if you want to book this pop star as a host, expect a long list of demands – including a dressing room stocked full of junk food, a dozen cases of magnolias and 34 Herve Leger dresses – which retail in the thousands per pop!

It wasn’t that surprising that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey clashed on the set  of American Idol, considering that they are two of the biggest divas in music, but you will be shocked when you find out a few of the ridiculous things that each of the sexy singers requests when they are booked for a gig!

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They may not be on the A-list anymore, but when Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan get a gig, they expect to be treated like queens. Find out a few of their ridiculous requests by clicking through the gallery.

What rocker used to demand that his dressing room be filled with drugs? What sexy singer will freak out if there are carnations anywhere backstage? And who refuses to be looked directly at by the hired help? Find out by clicking through our photos above.

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