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Controversial TV Commentator Blames Boston Marathon Bombings On Muslims, Calls For Death: 'Let’s Kill Them All'

Outspoken pundit Erik Rush – famous for being the first to break the story of Barack Obama‘s ties to militant preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright – took to Twitter to call for all Muslims to be killed in the wake of the deadly Boston Marathon explosions.

Hours after attacks, Rush, who often appears as a TV commentator, crudely tweeted: “Everybody do the National Security Ankle Grab! Let’s bring more Saudis in without screening them! C’mon!”

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When one of Rush’s follower’s responded and asked if he was already blaming all Muslims, Rush viciously replied: “Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all.”

Later, he tweeted that he was being sarcastic.

“Sarcasm, idiot,” he wrote to one critic.

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The two explosions went off right before the finish line around 3 p.m. today, causing chaos and confusion throughout the city.

So far three deaths have been confirmed, one an 8-year-old boy, with the number of injuries now up to 132.

Despite being quick to call his comments a joke, Rush has since taken down the offensive tweet.

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A person of interest is reportedly being held by police while anti-terror efforts have been beefed up in major cities and landmarks around the country.

According to sources, Rush may have taken the tweet down, but he’s getting a kick out of the controversy.

“This is exactly how Erik likes to stir up controversy,” a source close to Rush told RadarOnline.com.

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“His crude and outrageous comments are nothing new for him.”