Boston Marathon Bomber’s Widow Katherine Russell Returns Home In Full Muslim Dress

With her head covered in a leopard print hijab, Katherine Russell nervously returned to the home she shared with her husband and his brother, Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Tamerlan was killed in a shoot out with law enforcement.  Dzhokhar, who was seriously wounded, is in custody.

Weeping and pounding on the door of the multi-family Cambridge, Mass home until she got the attention of her landlord, Russell had her three-year-old daughter, Zahara, waiting in a car with another woman.

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“The mother and baby didn’t do anything,” neighbor Harvey Smith told The New York Post.

Smith said his roommate helped Russell pack some belongings.  “She came to get her cat also,” he said. “I heard the cat crying.”

The Tsarnaev brothers had lived in the house for a decade, the neighbor said.  They were there initially with their parents and remained in the white shingled house after the parents moved back to Russia.

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After Katherine and Tamerlan married and had their daughter, they also lived there.

“I would see [Russell] more than him,” Smith told The Post. “She would be out in the yard playing with her child.”

As reported, Katherine Russell was one of three daughters raised Christian in an upper middle class neighborhood in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.  Her father is a physician, her mother a nurse.

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Katherine, who converted to Islam after meeting Tamerlan, attended Suffolk University in Boston, dropping out in 2010 when she had Zahara.

She and Tamerlan and their daughter spent many weekends at her parents home up until about a year ago, when neighbors there said they stopped seeing Tsarnaev.

Neighbors also took note of Katherine’s radically changed appearance, as she began wearing full Muslim dress, covering herself from head to foot.

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