Amanda Bynes Makes Very ‘Un-PC’ Remark On Twitter

Pacific Coast News

In a very politically incorrect remark, Amanda Bynes used a word considered highly insensitive to mentally disabled people in referring to negative stories being written about her in the media.

Writing on Twitter Sunday, the Hairspray star said: “What up @nydailynews? I’m being stalked by paparazzi outside my apartment, so I block myself from them. I know your paper is run by a bunch of old folks but maybe stop writing the same retarded thing about me.”

PHOTOS: Amanda Bynes Goes On Twitter Bender

Bynes also this weekend threatened to sue media outlets suggesting she was mentally unbalanced.

She also took to Twitter Sunday to tweet a photo of her apparently crush, Drake, with the word ‘King.’

@drake King on Twitpic

She also posted a photo of herself – dressed in sweatpants, a hoodie and wearing white socks and sandles – while posing with a fan in New York.

Posing with a fan! on Twitpic

On Saturday, her strange behavior continued as she was photographed walking around The Big Apple wearing a large scarf over her head.

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