The Keystone Pops! Michael Heckles Lindsay’s Attorney, He Bolts With Papa Lohan In Hot Pursuit!

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Lindsay Lohan got off easy in court on Monday, but her lawyer had a very different experience when her protective papa, Michael Lohan physically chased his daughter’s New York lawyer Mark Heller!

As Heller was addressing the throngs of media, following Lindsay’s last minute plea deal, Michael started heckling him – threatening to get the lawyer’s license to practice taken away, among other issues – and Heller quickly crumbled under the pressure, running away from the cameras.

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Never one to let things go, the intrepid Mi-Lo followed in hot pursuit, until tiring of the chase and returning back to the crowd to address the press himself!

“Heller is a piece of garbage,” Michael told in an exclusive interview following his attorney chase.

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“I am happy that this is over and that Lindsay is in a good place. But what I’m really happy about is that Heller is not a part of Lindsay’s life anymore.”

While Lindsay and Michael are famously estranged, an eyewitness in the courthouse tells Radar that as the rehab-bound starlet left the courtroom she said “I love you” to her doting dad.

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And, it seems Heller may have had good reason to flee – during Michael’s impromptu press conference, he claimed the attorney is going to be investigated for witness tampering!

In response to Michael’s allegations, Santa Monica Deputy City Attorney Jenna Grigsby said she would “not comment on what her father says he may or may not know.”

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According to a source, the witness Michael was referring to is Lindsay’s former assistant Gavin Doyle.

Meanwhile, Michael Lohan continues to fire off warning shots at Lindsay’s lawyer!

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“The trouble has just begun for Heller!” Lohan vows.

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