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Michael Lohan: With Pending Foreclosure, Ex Dina ‘Is Feeling The Wrath Of God!’

Lindsay Lohan‘s father Michael says his ex-wife Dina‘s considerable financial issues – including a pending foreclosure of her $1.3 million Long Island home – is karma rearing its ugly head for her misdeeds over the years.

“Dina loves the word Karma and now AGAIN, she is feeling the wrath of God – it is ALL coming back to her!” The outspoken show business dad told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “All the lies about rape, abuse, being a single mother for years, me having no relationship with my kids and more!

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“It’s a shame that Dina lives in such a lonely and dark world of lies and deception!”

Michael predicted that “the foreclosure is only the beginning” of Dina’s financial downfall, “because she has about 10 judgments against her, amounting to over a million dollars and $100,000 to me!”

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Michael said that he “just sent Dina another $8500 that she said she needed for [son] Cody’s school and the house,” and that Dina didn’t tell anyone – or, “apparently … use it [to pay] for the house!”

Michael said that Dina has long tried to manipulate him into paying him child support directly for the four children they share, but wouldn’t because “Dina doesn’t report any of the money I SEND HER [for] child support or the kids!”

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Michael – who became a father for the sixth time last month – predicted that “Dina might just have to move back to her mom’s house,” an environment he compared to the junkyard on the 1970s show, Sanford and Sons.

“Some people have to be brought to their knees to learn and turn it around,” Michael said, adding he hopes his embattled ex “sees the light” and turns to religion, as he did.