DUCK! Plane Flying 200 MPH Comes Within 2 Feet Of Screaming, Terrified Person

Here’s a stunt that doesn’t need the standard “don’t try this at home” disclaimer, because once you watch it you’ll be glad you weren’t part of it!

In this heart-stopping viral video a stunt pilot flies within two feet of a person, leaving the terrified cameraman screaming with sheer terror.

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The video was shot by a stunt group in Texas and just surfaced on YouTube the other day.

The man on the streetbike seems to handle the situation without freaking out. The same cannot be said of the cameraman, whose shrieks are more intense than any victim of Freddie Kreuger, Michael Myers or any Hollywood psycho mass murderer. And, of course, these shrieks are genuine.

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The pilot is Jason Newburg from Team Stunters, according to The Smoking Gun, although some commenters on YouTube disagree about which group pulled off the amazing stunt.


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