Fashion Expert Checks Out LeAnn Rimes’ Closet (No Skeletons, Just A Red Bikini )

Perhaps persuaded by all of the the chatter she’s stolen Brandi Glanville‘s fashion sense, LeAnn Rimes went for a full fashion makeover on Bravo’s Celebrity Closet Confidential Wednesday, and has the clip.

The show sent celebrity stylist Mary Alice Haney to the home of the 30-year-old mega-Tweeter, and after browsing through her closet, Haney critiqued the country singer’s style as that of someone who “lives in Las Vegas.”

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One highlight of Wednesday’s program saw the svelte wife of Eddie Cibrian prancing around in a red bikini – she boasted she wears them around the house – while browsing beach cover-ups.

In another scene, LeAnn stared at her wedding dress, remarking, “When I really thought about getting married, and my relationship meant to Eddie, this is what it was all about.”

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With Haney’s guidance, LeAnn was dolled up in some swanky numbers that just might keep her off the “Worst Dressed” Lists, including a white Tom Ford dress for red carpet appearances, and a Missoni cover-up for her never-ending beach outings.

All of the clothes cleared out of LeAnn’s closet were donated to charity, according to the show.

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