Heidi Montag Slams Lacey Banghard For Showering Naked Near Spencer Pratt!

Heidi Montag does not want any buxom girls to be showering naked near her husband!

Speidi are continuing to cause trouble on the set of Celebrity Big Brother UK, and she completely loses her cool when topless model Lacey Banghard strips down for a shower in front of the married couple.

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“You’re not wearing anything in there?” Heidi, 26, asks Lacey, clearly getting angry at her raucous behavior in the bathroom.

“Sometimes you forget to get your bikini and stuff, it doesn’t feel normal,” she sasses.

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The married Americans were just caught on camera in bed getting hot and heavy with each other, but Heidi lays down the law with her husband, telling Spencer: “Lacey’s naked; we’re not going back in there. That is super inappropriate!”

Cleary flattered by his wife’s jealousy, Spencer, 29, dismisses Lacey’s antics.

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“That’s why I left, I knew how she operates. 20-year-old naked model… there’s not much to her.”

Heidi tells Lacey that she needs to keep her clothes on around her man!

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“Do what you want to do, but not around me and my husband. That’s fighting talk where I come from.”


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