Cat Plays ‘Shell Game’ With Owner – And Keeps Winning In Amazing Viral Video!

Meet Kido, the feline who puts the cat in “cat-like reflexes.”

In a new YouTube video sure to go viral, Kido’s owner plays a shell game with him, quickly shuffling three to four metal shells around, under one of which, there is a bell.

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In every instance, Kido keeps a fierce glance — shall we call it, the Eye of the Tiger? — on the shell, then guesses correctly. (And it’s not that easy … we tried.)

Watch the video on

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According to the cat’s owner, “Kido was abandoned twice by two different families due to various reasons in the first 6 months of his life … I hope all homeless animals can find their forever loving home.”

Now they just have to teach him how to count cards!

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