Behind Murder-Suicide Tragedy: NFL Player Nearly Cut Off His Thumb In Incident Over ANOTHER Woman

By David PerelExecutive Vice President/Managing Editor Radar

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher nearly cut off his thumb in an incident involving a woman years before his murder-suicide, is reporting.

As police, family and friends attempt to understand and find the cause behind Belcher’s horrific actions Saturday when he shot and killed longtime girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, the mother of their daughter, a new police report has surfaced showing more unstable behavior.

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With his horrified mother watching, Belcher kissed Perkins on the head after murdering her, as RadarOnline reported earlier. He then drove to his NFL team’s facility and committed suicide in a parking lot.

Now a 2006 police report from the University of Maine Police Department has been unearthed and it shows Belcher in a violent rage over a woman.

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“I responded to Andros Coggin Hall to assist UVAC for a report of a male subject with a serious cut to his arm,” Sgt. Scott Curtis wrote in the official report.

“It was reported that the subject had punched out a window. When I arrived, I found Jovan Belcher … being treated by UVAC. The injuries consisted of possible severed thumb and lacerations to the wrist.”

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Belcher self inflicted the injuries by punching a window while upset over a woman.

“I was told that Belcher was upset over a girl and punched a window out. There was a lot of blood outside of the west entrance and in the lobby.” Curtis wrote.

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“I noticed the window to the interior, ground floor door, to the center stairwell, broken out. A picture was taken. A custodian was called for a clean up and also a glazier was called in for repair to be done on the window.

“Belcher referred to Judicial Affairs for disorderly conduct and for restitution.”

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The proof of Belcher’s prior erratic behavior comes as one friend told Deadspin that the football player had been hit in the head hard during a recent game and was drinking heavily and taking prescription pills.


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