New Husband, Big Changes! Jenelle Evans Takes New Last Name!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Jenelle Evans‘ quickie courthouse wedding to her fiancé was a shock to her friends and family, but she’s made it official now, by changing her name!

The 20-year-old Teen Mom star and Courtland Rogers had a busy day in the North Carolina courthouse on December 4, 2012, when they hit up two different courtrooms – one for Courtland’s felony charge and the second one for their wedding.

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Now the lovebirds are happily house hunting, but Jenelle revealed that she has a new last name.

“Now it issssss……… Jenelle ROGERS,” she Tweeted about her big news.

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“I legally got it changed the other day and so in love.”

As previously reported, Jenelle’s courthouse nuptials came just a few weeks after her engagement, but she insists that their love is very strong.

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“This is a big change for both of us in our lives but we both know this will be forever. Believe me or not, we will always work.”


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