Selena Gomez Wary About Giving Justin Bieber Another Chance

By Amber GoodhandRadar News Editor

It didn’t take long after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up for the two to start hanging out again, but an insider exclusively tells not to expect the duo to officially get back together any time soon.

According to a pal, Selena was the one that initially wanted the break up — but Justin refused to give up on her, constantly texting — and he was so sweet that the Disney star couldn’t help but give him a second chance.

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“They have a history. Selena is Justin’s first love so he’s really intense and attached to her,” the insider told

“But Selena is a little older and was ready to move on. Basically she was done being a package deal with Justin … she wants to be on her own and begin exploring and enjoying her 20s.”

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However, the source said Selena does have strong feelings for Justin and it was a lot harder to break things off with him than she anticipated.

“Selena didn’t realize how hard it would be to break up with Justin,” the source said.

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“That she would have to completely cut him off. She couldn’t, and once she opened the lines of communication with him again it was easy to get sucked back in. But she’s got more of a wall up this go around and won’t be fully jumping in anytime soon.”


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