Whoopi Goldberg Has On-Air Hot Flash, Says ‘My Underwear’s Wet!

By Radar Staff

Did Whoopi really just say that?

During a current events discussion on The View Wednesday, Whoopi abruptly broke the news, “Wow! I just had a hot flash and my underwear’s wet!”

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Broadcasting icon Barbara Walters, looking mortified, told her, “We don’t need to know that,” before going to break.

This is not Whoopi’s first “Did she just say that?” moment, nor the first of her on-air hot flashes: She had a similar incident in 2008, telling viewers, “I’m up, down, hot, cold, I’m all over the place. My sex drive has totally changed. One minute I’m like, ‘Yeah I can’t wait for it.’ The next I’m saying, ‘Oh God, go away.’”

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Hot flashes, according to the Mayo Clinic, “are sudden feelings of warmth, which are usually most intense over the face, neck and chest … [they] can also cause profuse sweating and may leave [one] chilled.”


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