Rupert Sanders, Still Wearing Wedding Ring, Goes Back-To-School Shopping With Kids

By Radar Staff

Director Rupert Sanders, who Kristen Stewart infamously cheated on Robert Pattinson with, wore his wedding ring while taking his two children Skyla and Tennyson to The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles Sunday, and we’ve got the photos for you right here on

Sanders, 41, took Skyla and Tennyson for Jamba Juice before catching up on some back-to-school shopping at Nordstrom’s, where he picked up shoes and backpacks for the little ones.

PHOTOS: Rupert Sanders & Kids At The Grove

Judging from the ring, Sanders looks to try to salvage his marriage to the gorgeous mother of his children, wife Liberty Ross, in the fallout of the tryst.

The previously-unknown couple have become instant celebrities since news broke of his affair with his Snow White and the Huntsman star, Stewart, who was long involved with her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson.



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