Katie’s Getting Scary Skinny: The Split Takes Its Toll

Katie Holmes has always had an enviable and sporty figure — she even ran the New York City marathon just a year after the birth of Suri, with Tom Cruise famously kissing her at mile 15. But ever since the news of the divorce, her weight has been plummeting and shows no signs of stopping.

“Katie has been preparing for this divorce for months, and she knew it was going to be stressful, but it’s been so much harder than she ever imagined,” an insider tells Star. “It’s been taking a huge toll on her physically.”

Friends say she’s had virtually no appetite lately. “She’s lost her will to eat completely. It’s gotten to the point where her friends and family are getting concerned because her ribs are showing,” the insider says. These days, it seems like she’s mostly living on a diet of black coffee or a handful of cereal here and there.

“She takes Suri for ice cream and orders one for herself, but then she can only manage to eat a few bites,” the source confides. “It’s so unhealthy that everyone around her is really upset by it — especially her parents. They hate seeing her in this state.” Just 10 days before the divorce was announced, Katie was spotted dining at New york’s ABC Kitchen by herself, visibly distraught and barely picking at her food. New York City philanthropist Barbara Ellsworth tells Star, “She looked devastated and broken; she had no makeup on and just this dead look on her face. I asked if there was something I could do, and she thanked me for my concern but her voice was quivering.”

At the time, Ellsworth says she had no idea that Katie was actually in town to file for divorce. “It was really hard to see her all alone, suffering,” she says. “She just looked like she needed a hug.”

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