Nasty Nails No More! Britney Spears Gets A Manicure

By Radar Staff

Looks like Britney Spears is cleaning up her act!

After hitting a press event for X Factor last week showing off bloody, bitten and unmanicured nails, the pop singer looked polished and put together for the first round of X Factor auditions in Austin, Texas on Thursday – rocking a French manicure on her fingers – and has the photos that show the dramatic difference. 

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Wearing a super sexy and boob-baring pink mini dress with black platform heels, the 30-year-old was all smiles and perfectly poised for photos, flashing her manicured hands for the world to see. Her fiancé and conservator, Jason Trawick, joined her at the event.

Unless Britney’s nails grow ten times faster than the average human, it appears as though Britney covered up her stubby and chewed nail beds with fake nails.

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Despite fears to the contrary, Britney has been telling her close friends and associates that she is ready to take the judge’s seat on the X Factor and she can handle the pressure.


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