Roseanne Barr’s Presidential Platform: Legalize Marijuana And Gay Marriage

by Radar Staff

Roseanne Barr seems to be taking this presidential thing seriously.

The comedian insisted her candidacy is no laughing matter when she spoke to a small group of Green Party supporters at the Mayflower Club in North Hollywood Friday night.

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She laid out her platform that includes making marijuana use and same sex marriage legal and and forgiving student loans.

“I will not let the idiots go unanswered,” she said of the mainstream crop of candidates. “It is time to point upward and hold their feet to the fire.”

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Roseanne knows though that sitcom stars and stand-up comics aren’t what voters usually look for when marking their ballots.  Her main credential, she said, is that “I’m not George W. Bush!”

The Green Party’s convention will take place in July.


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