Tom Sizemore Is Writing An Addiction Memoir

By Radar Staff

Tom Sizemore is joining the ranks of Mackenzie Phillips, Steven Tyler and Keith Richards!

The actor, who has struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction for several years, has signed a book deal to pen a memoir about his troubled life – and has the details.

The book, which will be written with Anna David and is slated for release in 2013, will start with his childhood in a Detroit housing project and continue through his rise to fame, into his “dark descent” into drug addiction and finally, his road to recovery.

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From the Atria Books press release:

“Sizemore went from romancing Elizabeth Hurley and Sharon Stone to being accused of domestic violence by the world’s most famous madam and went from a Beverly Hills mansion to a solitary confinement cell at Chino State Prison.”

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Sizemore says: “I should have been dead many times over and honestly, I didn’t know that I was going to come back from the bottom I dropped to. The fact that I’m now sober over two years and that I’m acting as much as I did before proves that people can overcome obstacles even when they’re sure they can’t. I hope that this book can inspire other people to never give up.”


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