Michael Jackson’s Accuser Attends Prosecutor’s Wedding To Star Witness!

By Radar Staff

Six years after he accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him during sleepovers at the King of Pop’s Neverland Ranch, Gavin Arvizo has reunited with the prosecutor who tried to nail the singer on child molestation charges.

In a twist of fate, Gavin — a cancer survivor — was one of the guests at the Santa Barbara, Calif., wedding of Senior Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen to Louise Palanker, a comedian who testified against Jackson in the notorious 2005 trial.

The pair wed on October 1, four days after the involuntary manslaughter trial against Jackson’s personal physician began in the Los Angeles Superior Court.


Gavin’s brother Star and journalist Diane Dimond were also guests at the low key ceremony, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

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Dimond battled claims that her dogged coverage of Jackson and the trial for Court TV was strident and pro-prosecution, while Star testified that he saw the pop star fondling his brother Gavin on at least two occasions.

“Beautiful and inspirational friends,” Dimond wrote on Facebook, referencing the wedding photos of Zonen and Palanker.

The Arvizo brothers have rarely been seen in public since the case ended.

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In 2005, after the trial ended, Palanker told the BBC that she had developed a friendship with Gavin and “no matter what happens, I will be on the phone to make sure he is okay and hoping that he can rebuild his life.”

In the 2003 TV documentary, Living with Michael Jackson, Gavin was seen holding Jackson’s hand and snuggling his head in his lap as he talked about sleeping in the pop star’s bed.

Later, it was Zonen who told the court that “something terribly illegal” happened at Neverland.

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“They rode rides, went to the zoo, ate whatever they wanted – candy, ice cream, soda pop. There was only fun,” Zonen said, in a statement to the jury, according to court records. “At night, they entered into the world of the forbidden. They learned about sexuality from someone only too willing to be their teacher.”

Jackson was ultimately cleared of conspiracy to commit extortion, false imprisonment and child abduction, child molestation and giving a child, Gavin, then 13, an intoxicating drink.



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