Bikini Babes With Cellulite

By Leah Ornstein
Radar Style & Beauty Editor

Even the sexiest stars in Hollywood aren’t perfect!

From Desperate Housewives to smoking hot heiresses, has photos of the most talked-about bikini babes on the beach, revealing their figure flaws in the skimpiest of swimsuits.

PHOTOS: Sexy Stars Who Have Cellulite

Eva Longoria has one of the hottest bods on the beach, but even the pint-sized sex symbol isn’t perfect — the Desperate Housewife has a few dimples on her derriere!

Paris and Nicky Hilton aren’t the only ridiculously rich heiresses who haven’t been able to buy their way to a totally perfect bikini body. Petra Ecclestone’s older sister, lingerie model Tamara, also has some cellulite on her bikini backside!

And Britney Spears may spend her days dancing her butt off on the stage, but the mother of two hasn’t been able to perfectly tone her tush, toting a little bit of cellulite on her booty!

What other hot stars have showed off their cellulite in skimpy bikinis? To find out, click here.

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