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Wilderness Boy Might Have Walked 150 Miles Through Woods

by Radar Staff

The wilderness boy making headlines out of Germany might have walked an amazing 150 miles through the woods before he touched concrete, RadarOnline.com has learned.

The boy, believed to have inhabited the Czechoslovakian side of the Ore mountains, “would have walked all the way to Berlin from the Czech Republic,” a source close to the situation said. “This would have been a much harder prospect than simply walking from woods south of Berlin, which is what many believed he had done up until now.”

As we previously reported, the boy — who is believed to be 17 years old and answers to the name “Ray” — claims he spent five years living in the wilderness before sprouting up at Berlin City Hall in Germany September 5, following what he claims was his father’s death.

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There, he reportedly begged officials: “I’m alone in the world. I don’t know who I am. Please help me.”

On Wednesday, Berlin hostel worker Beate Kohn told The Times the boy has been adapting well to modern civilization, as he has table manners, showers regularly and likes activities such as bowling and watching TV.

“He was very, very kindly to everybody, with the other kids and with us,” Kohn told the paper. “He watched TV, he went outdoors, he took little walks and joined the activities, like bowling.

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The boy claims his late father, identified as Ryan, took him to live in the woods following the auto accident death of his mother, Doreen. He said his father recently died, spurring his journey toward civilization.

Some believe the boy is from England originally due to his dialect, and authorities from the British Consul are investigating the case; in the meantime, German authorities are seeking to make Ray a ward of the court.



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