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Long-Haul Trucker Killer Confesses To Murdering Multiple Prostitutes

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

A man who is in prison for killing a prostitute in 2007 is now suspected of murdering at least three more across the South.

John Boyer, a long-haul trucker, is currently serving a 12 year sentence after pleading guilty to killing a prostitute named Scarlett Wood in Wilmington, North Carolina, but in the last few months he has confessed to killing even more women throughout the Southeast and faces murder charges in Tennessee and South Carolina.

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His demeanor is so violent that even his own attorney suspects that there may be more victims who were murdered.  “It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s other stuff out there,” H. Lawrence Shortwell said.  “I have absolutely nothing other than a gut instinct on that.”

A detective in Tennessee claims that in 2005 Boyer picked up a 25-year-old prostitute named Jennifer Smith and after an argument over money he strangled her with the seat belt of his truck and dumped her body in a parking lot.

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Boyer gave his DNA after the North Carolina case and it matched up with evidence found on Smith’s body and he eventually confessed to the killing. 

His tirades against women have shocked investigators in South Carolina, where he is accused of killing 34-year-old Michelle Haggadone in 2000.

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Sheriff’s Captain Andy Locklair of Darlington County, South Carolina said when he started to interview Boyer, he said: “What bitch are you here about?”

After his sentence ends in North Carolina Boyer will be taken to Tennessee to face first-degree murder charges.


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