The 10 Tackiest Celebrity Bikinis!

By Leah Ornstein
Radar Style & Beauty Editor

Even Hollywood bombshells experience bikini fashion blunders!

They may have smokin’ hot bodies and flawless faces, but that doesn’t make these sexy stars immune from fashion police arrests on the beach. has photos of the ten tackiest celebrity bikinis, in a special photo feature.

PHOTOS: The Ten Tackiest Celebrity Bikinis

Eva Longoria has a perfect 10 bikini bod, but even the petite brunette has experienced her share of bad bikini days at the beach. Wearing an over-the-top embellished monokini, the television star gave new meaning to the term “Desperate Housewife.”

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Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day is no stranger to the fashion police, often shocking with her a la mode choices, so it wasn’t surprising to see her sin in swimwear. The blonde bombshell was in serious danger of an arrest, wearing a barely-legal fringed bikini bottom that was dangerously close to unveiling her lady parts!

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And Coco Austin is famous for scandalously sexy swimwear choice, always pushing the envelope with her tiny tops and g-string bottoms, but when you involve a sheer, white fabric to the mix the result is even more extreme!

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From ill-fitting one-pieces to way-too skimpy bikinis, see all the tackiest celebrity bikinis by clicking here.

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