Russell Armstrong Possibly Had Life Insurance Policy — Beneficiary Was Son NOT Taylor

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Russell Armstrong might have had a life insurance policy at the time of his suicide, and the beneficiary wasn’t his estranged wife, Taylor, but his son from his first marriage, is exclusively reporting.

Aiden Armstrong, Russell’s son, from his first marriage to Barbara Fredrickson, is believed to be the sole beneficiary of the policy.

Suicide is covered on some life insurance policies, and as long as the policy was taken out two years plus before the date of the suicide, and the premiums were paid and up to date, the beneficiary is entitled to the full amount of agreed payout.

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“Aiden’s mom, is trying to locate the documentation about Russell’s life insurance policy. Barbara believes that there was a policy that named her son as the sole beneficiary at the time of Russell’s suicide,” the source reveals.

As previously reported, Taylor is struggling with finances.

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Despite the image they portrayed of a rich and successful Beverly Hills couple, Russell and Taylor Armstrong’s finances were in dire straits before his sudden death, and they haven’t improved since.

Russell Armstrong was found hanging at a friend’s home on August 15 the coroners office ruled the death suicide.


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