Vinny Lashes Out At Snooki For Skipping Dinner With Jersey Shore Contest Winner

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Vinny Guadagnino is mad at Snooki and slammed his co-star and possibly even her boyfriend when she skipped out on a dinner with contest winners Sunday night, but is there a little jealousy, maybe?

“SundayDinner today with the fam @Sn00ki @DeenaNicoleMTV @RealUncleNino @laurzins and two random girls who won a contest. Poor girls,” Vinny Tweeted Sunday, only to post an update shortly thereafter.

“Nvm about @sn00ki coming to #SundayDinner . She bailed last minute. I guess the chain isn’t long enough to reach Staten Island.”

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Is Vinny jealous of Snooki’s guy Jionni LaValle keeping her close to him?? There was a romantic history between Snooki and Vinny.  Just a few months ago she confessed to crushing on him, but was jealous of all the girls he was hooking up with.

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“I’m embarrassed. F**** my life,” Snooki said back then. “I like him, but it’s not a good look for me to start having feelings [since] he’s bringing home all these girls.”

Vinny and Snooki’s past aside, the dinner went off great according to Deena, who was also part of the guest list.

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“With Vinny and his fam for Sunday dinner,” she tweeted.  “LOL love vins family.”

And to the lucky contest winner, she wrote, “it was great meeting you.”


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