The Sexiest Celebrity Bikini Twitter Pics

By Leah OrnsteinRadar Style & Beauty Editor

These Hollywood hotties have such banging bikini bodies, that they can’t help but share them with the world via sexy Twitter pics!

From LeAnn Rimes to Miley Cyrus, has photos of all your favorite stars, stripped down and showing off their fabulous figures in skimpy swimsuits — straight from their Twitter accounts.

PHOTOS: Celebrities Show Off Their Bikini Bodies In Twitter Pics

What’s the skinny on LeAnn Rimes’ bikini bod? The country star made quite the splash when she tweeted a series of photos showing off her super-svelte bod, stirring up controversy with her followers.

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Jordin Sparks revealed her best bikini body ever via her Twitter account, while Miley Cyrus couldn’t help but share her bikini body glory with the world.

Ice-T‘s curvy wife Coco is famous for her revealing Tuesday and Thursday photo specials, showing off her ample assets to an X-rated degree.

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And stars like Sofia Vergara, Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan want to keep their fans in the loop during their luxe vacations, sharing their personal bikini photos on the world wide web.

See all the sexiest stars in their stripped down Twitter pics by clicking here.

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