Pot, Meet Kettle: LeAnn Rimes Upset Over Giuliana Rancic Weight Comments

By Radar Staff

Giuliana Rancic and LeAnn Rimes might be headed for a showdown — and there won’t need to be a weigh-in for this one!

The heat stems from Rancic’s recent comments about Rimes’ slight physique, after the 35-year-old E! host told The Huffington Post she thinks the bikini-loving singer needs to put some meat on her bones.

“She lost a lot of weight from all the stress in her life,” Rancic told the website. “She seems a little thin right now and I think she looks great when she’s a bit curvier.”

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Rimes was none too happy, calling out Rancic on Twitter quicker than you can say “Brandi Glanville.”

She wrote, “@GiulianaRancic hey, we should go to dinner sometime. You get criticized all the time for how small you are. You can see just HOW much I eat and maybe put a stop to this crazy ‘shrinking’ once and for all.

“Then we should workout together! Good luck with your restaurant!!!!”

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When one of Rimes’ followers asked the singer to clarify her comments, Rimes softened her stance, tweeting: “I just don’t appreciate her comments, so I really would love for her to hang with me, see who I am.

“I am a person you know.”

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