Casey Anthony Private Investigator Eyeing Book Deal

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Casey Anthony may not have cashed in on her infamy yet, but another one of the key players in her murder trial may be getting his own lucrative deal.

Dominic Casey, the private investigator hired by Casey Anthony and George and Cindy Anthony to investigate the circumstances surrounding Caylee’s disappearance, may be in the process of writing an explosive book about the case, has exclusively learned.

“I’ve been contacted by several publishers,” Dominic confirmed to

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As for what he might reveal that didn’t come out in his testimony during Casey Anthony’s murder trial, he said: “It would clarify many questions people may have.”

Dominic Casey was at the center of controversial and emotional testimony during the trial, in which Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony, and her mother, Cindy Anthony, seemed to contradict each other on the stand.

Cindy was asked by defense lawyer, Jose Baez, if she told Dominic Casey to search the area near where Caylee’s remains were eventually found in December of 2008.  She said she did not tell him to search there, but Lee testified that Cindy had received a tip from a psychic and then told Dominic Casey to search that area.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Released From Jail

Lee became very emotional on the stand discussing Dominic Casey’s search because he said this was the first time he had heard they were no longer searching for Caylee alive but were searching for her remains.

Casey was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter in July and is currently serving a one year probation sentence, for a previous check fraud conviction, at an undisclosed Florida location.

Jeff Ashton, one of the prosecutors on the case, has said that he is writing a book about his experience entitled, Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, which will be released in late November.


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