Casey Anthony — The Most Hated Person In The U.S.

By Neil WoulfeRadar News Director

This probably won’t surprise you.

Notorious ‘Tot Mom’ Casey Anthony has been named the most hated person in the United States, according to a new poll.

Anthony, 25, remains in hiding since her release from jail following her acquittal in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, who would have turned six this week.

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The poll — conducted by California-based E-Poll’s E-Score Celebrity research for the first week of August —  shows that in the “total dislike” category, Anthony comes out on top with 94 percent of the respondents disliking her.

The survey showed that 53 percent of the people were aware of the Anthony case. While 57 percent of them considered Anthony as “creepy”, 60 percent of the respondents considered her as “cold”.

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In the “total dislike” category, Anthony was followed by the former reality TV star Spencer Pratt with 88 percent dislike and Nadya “Octomom” Suleman with 87 percent.

O.J. Simpson came in fourth, followed by Jon Gosselin. 79 percent of the respondents disliked him, according to the poll.

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Other names in the list included Levi Johnston, Paris Hilton, Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss and radio shock jock Howard Stern.

The E-Score Celebrity poll is a weekly survey, which is carried out among a representative sample of 1,100 respondents aged 13 and over.



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