Rob Pattinson Talks Biting Babies: ‘The Entire Head Fit Into My Mouth’

By Amber GoodhandRadar Reporter

Robert Pattinson plays a vampire, so he’s expected to bite people – but babies?

The Twilight star sat down for an interview with co-star Kristen Stewart during Comic-Con and confessed to jokingly biting a fan’s baby on the head, and you can see the full video on

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When a female fan handed over her three-month old baby while he was filming the original Twilight flick, Rob thought she wanted him to sign it, but she actually wanted him to take a photo with the tiny tot…unleashing his vampire fangs on the baby!

“I didn’t really understand the reality of the situation at that point… But there is a picture of me somewhere on the Internet biting this baby,” Rob said.

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“You bit the baby???” Kristen asked.

“Yeah, on the head,” he replied.

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But not to worry, Rob didn’t actually harm the baby and didn’t even break the skin because he was just ‘fake’ biting.

“I didn’t actually like, touch it,” Rob admitted. “The baby is so young the entire head fit into my mouth.”

Watch Rob’s interview below:


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