Casey Anthony Foreman: Jury Sickened By Casey’s Antics Following Caylee’s Death

By Adam S. LevyRadar Staff Writer

The foreman of the jury that acquitted Casey Anthony in her daughter Caylee’s death told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Tuesday night that he and several of the other jurors were sickened by Anthony’s behavior in the 31 days following the 2-year-old’s passing, as she didn’t report the child missing, and partied like it was New Year’s Eve.

The man — not shown on screen, and identified only as Juror No.11 — told Van Susteren of the jury’s reaction to Casey’s wayward antics.

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“It disgusted us — we were all very disgusted with [Anthony’s actions] from June 16th to the time [she was reported missing,]” the articulate juror said. “And that’s what made it very hard for us.”

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The man said he hoped Casey’s actions — particularly not reporting the crime — would spur lawmakers to devise a penalty for those who commit similar acts in the future.

“It’s something that I wish, because of that and seeing that, we wish there was something else we could look at that would be a felony. Something where … if you do not report a child missing that it’s gonna be a felony … [and the penalties will get] worse and worse, because her actions we disgusting.”

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Van Susteren noted that much of the talk on her show was from people who found Casey’s actions despicable in the wake of her daughter’s death.

“It was [despicable] to us too, it was to us too — we were asked to convict on cause of death … much of that time during the trial, focused on her actions afterwards,” the foreman said. “That’s something that … we really weren’t able to take into consideration.”

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Last week, Casey’s attorney Jose Baez said that “the 31 days has been kept out there a lot through various media reports, and people just can’t get [it] out of their mind.”

Casey Anthony will be released from custody this Sunday.


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