Bikini Bloopers! The Biggest Swimsuit Slip-Ups

By Leah OrnsteinRadar Style & Beauty Editor

Summer is here and Hollywood’s hottest stars are braving the waves in the skimpiest swimsuits ever, but even camera-savvy stars get caught off guard sometimes, experiencing embarrassing bikini malfunctions! has photos of the most shocking bikini top bloopers ever, in this special photo feature.

Watch out for those waves! Lindsay Lohan, Courteney Cox, Heidi Montag and Paris Hilton have all suffered embarrassing attacks by ocean swells, showing off more of their hot bodies than they bargained for.

PHOTOS: Bikini Bloopers! The Biggest Swimsuit Slip-Ups

Bikini top catastrophes run in the McCord family! Both 90210 starlet AnnaLynne and her sister Angel have experienced swimsuit slip-ups on the shoreline.

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Sassy singers Amy Winehouse and Ke$ha have more in common than chart-topping tunes – the troubled Brit and the wild TiK ToK’er both have committed crimes of indecent exposure, having a little too much fun in the sun!

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And Geri Halliwell spiced up the beach over 4th of July weekend, wearing a floral bikini top that wasn’t big enough to cover up her oversized assets.

What other stars have experienced swimsuit slip-ups? Click here to find out.



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