PHOTOS: Bikinis! Steamy & Sexy Summer Lovers

by Radar Staff

These Hollywood stars are getting almost as much attention for their hot and heavy romances as they are for their smokin’ hot bodies

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Blake Lively is grabbing headlines for more than just her hot body this scorching season! The Gossip Girl has been spotted spending some quality time with bigscreen hunk Leonardo DiCaprio!

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And Kim Kardashian is not only coveted for her crazy curves as of late! The boobiful and bootylicious bombshell recently scored some massive bling from fiancée Kris Humphries, and the duo is currently planning an over-the-top summer wedding.

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True love is timeless! While youngster Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been making a splash with their PDA beach romps, Meg Ryan and John Cougar Mellencamp have also been steaming up the shoreline.

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Divorce, what divorce? Eva Longoria bounced back from her ill-fated union to baler Tony Parker and is now making waves with a new hunk.  The far from Desperate Housewife is currently hot and heavy with Penelope Cruz’s little bro Eduardo.

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What other sexy stars are enjoying scorching hot romances this summer? Click here to find out.


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