VIDEO: NY TV Reporter Nearly Blown Off Overpass On Live TV

By Adam S. Levy
Radar Staff Writer

And you thought Chicago was the Windy City…

WABC-TV reporter Darla Miles was nearly swept away by strong gust of wind Thursday night while delivering a live on-air report about the heat wave gripping New York.

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The clip – that’s sure to go viral — has a scary element to it, as Miles was standing atop an overpass and appears to lose her balance at one point.

WABC-TV reported that no one, including Miles or her crew, was injured.

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Newscasts have been fertile grounds for viral videos, as a clip of LA-based CBS reporter Serene Branson burned up the web in February, when she lapsed into gibberish during a Grammy report. Some speculated she might have had a stroke on-air, but she turned out to be fine.




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