Casey Anthony Trial: Caylee’s Body Decomposed For Days In Car, Expert Testifies

by Radar Staff

Casey Anthony avoided any emotional break-downs during Saturday’s half-day court session where the testimony provided by experts was pure CSI.

Caylee Anthony‘s decomposing body is believed to have been stuffed in the trunk of a car for up to five days before being ditched in the woods, according to new testimony by a bug expert.

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Forensic entomologist Dr. Neal Haskell took the stand in the murder trial and testified he found the leg of a fly which feasts on fresh bodies in the trash bag uncovered in the trunk of Casey”s car.

He also found hundreds of eggs and flies which would normally be present as a body continues to decompose.

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The expert told the court that in his opinion, the two different types of flies meant the body had been in the car for up to five days.

The defense countered that the overwhelming smell coming from the mother’s car – which a number of witnesses reported – was from household garbage.

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But Haskell shot that down in court insisting that kind of trash would not have attracted the sort of flies he found.

Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony returned to the Orange County Courthouse in Florida after being absent for two days while graphic photographs of their dead granddaughter’s remains were shown.

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Casey, 25, is charged with killing her daughter on June 16th 2008. Her remains were not found until December 11th 2008 after a nationwide search.

Casey initially reported her two-year-old daughter as having been kidnapped, but now contends the girl drowned accidentally in the family swimming pool.

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If convicted, Casey could get the death penalty.


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