VIDEO: What Mariah Carey & Mike Tyson Have In Common

By Adam S. Levy
Radar Staff Writer

So what could Mariah Carey and Mike Tyson possible have in common? Baby names.

As we previously reported, the 44-year-old boxing legend and his wife Lakiha Spicer welcomed their son Morocco Elijah January 25 in Henderson, Nevada.

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“I call him Rocky!” Tyson, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, said Thursday.

“You know Mariah Carey stole your baby name,” Kimmel said. “She named her baby, I think, Moroccan.”

“Well that’s interesting,” Tyson said. “My wife made the same statement too: ‘See I told you it was a good name, Mariah Carey named her baby Moroccan.’

“I said, ‘Why, because she named her son baby Moroccan, it had to be a good name?'” Tyson said.

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The boxing champ admitted Morocco wasn’t his first choice for a name.

He said he “wanted to name him … a warrior’s name, or something: Phalanx … it’s a formation that Alexander conquered the known world with.”

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“Though people would start calling him ‘Fail,’ and you don’t want that,” Kimmel said.

“No no, in order to succeed you must fail,” the enigmatic athlete told Kimmel, getting big applause from the audience.

Tyson can be seen in The Hangover Part II, which is in theaters now.


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