PHOTOS: Bikini Babes & Hunks In Trunks! Memorial Day Special

By Leah Ornstein
Radar Style & Beauty Editor

Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of the national holiday, has photos of stars celebrating all over the world throughout the years stripped down and showing off their hot bodies in sexy style.

PHOTOS: Bikini Babes & Hunks In Trunks!  Memorial Day Special

While Pamela Anderson and Jeremy Piven merely walk out the back doors of their Malibu beach pads to celebrate Memorial Day, stars like Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Kim Zolciak and Kelly Rowland prefer soaking up the sun in Miami.

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Megan Fox headed to Maui during last year’s three-day weekend, where she showed off her fat-free and fabulous figure, while Paris Hilton paraded around the pools of Sin City in her sexy swimsuit.

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