Michael Lohan Says He Will Pay Lindsay's $135K Legal Bill

By Alexis Tereszcuk
Radar Staff Reporter

Who needs a sugar daddy when you have a real Daddy?

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With all of Lindsay Lohan‘s legal troubles she has run up a hefty bill but her dad Michael tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that he’s going to take care of it.

“I am committed to paying Lindsay’s $135,000 legal bill with Shawn Holley,” Michael Lohan says.

Michael also says that he is the one who approached Holley to structure the home arrest for Lindsay.

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“I met with a DA friend of mine and they suggested this plan of action,” he said.

Despite his relief that Lindsay may only be subjected to house arrest, the probation report stating that Lindsay tested positive for alcohol on February 8, 2011 didn’t surprise Michael.

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“The last thing in the world I want is for my daughter to be in jail,” he said. “At the same time, I am extremely concerned that there are some of the wrong people still in Lindsay’s life and she knows it.”

The judge ordered Lindsay to turn herself in to the jail for her 120 days on June 17. She’s already applied to have that sentence changed to house arrest, and is likely to be approved for it.


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