Jeff Conaway’s Ex-Lover Distraught Over Decision To Take Him Off Life Support

By Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

Jeff Conaway‘s one-time fiancee, Vikki Spinoza, is devastated over the decision his sisters have made to take him off life support.

Spinoza’s powerhouse attorney Sharon Beth Morris released an exclusive statement to saying: “Jeff Conaway’s sisters are pulling the plug on him over the vehement objections of his long-time fiancee, Vikki Spinoza.

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“Although everyone knows “Vikki and Kenickie” have been a couple for years, the sisters went to court to get a restraining order against Vikki. She has been barred from the hospital where her longtime lover lies in a coma.

“The judge who granted the order set a hearing date for June 10, 2011. Judge Michael Convey would not allow Vikki to plead her case earlier than June 10 despite the fact that it is literally a matter of life and death.

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“Vikki is the one woman who has loved Jeff’s pilgrim soul,” said Kelly Sheahen Gerner, one of Vikki’s attorneys. “To exclude her from Jeff’s life in his time of greatest need is an outrage.”

Sharon Beth Morris, co-counsel to Ms. Gerner, said: “These grasping sisters are pulling the plug over Vikki’s objections. Have they no decency?”

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Vikki’s friend Aubry Fisher added: “They are not even letting Vikki say goodbye. These are the sisters who repeatedly would not take Jeff in when he needed help. This is detestable.”

Sources close to the situation tell us: “Jeff is very close to passing away. He isn’t suffering. He is surrounded by friends and family.”



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