VIDEO: Ronnie & Sammi Have It Out (Again) On Jersey Shore’s Season 3 Reunion Show

The reunion show for MTV’s smash-hit Jersey Shore on Thursday night served as a platform for Ronnie and Sammi to have one last blow-up over the events of the show’s third season, as the on-again, off-again lovers clashed over a possible cheating incident in a chat hosted by MTV’s gorgeous Julissa Bermudez.

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The sparks really flew when the exes, sitting on opposite ends of a couch, shot back and forth at one another over an incident in which Sammi, fresh off a fight with Ronnie, had been chatting with a past hook-up named Arvin.

“Why do you feel like you have the right to get upset when all she did was text a guy, but you hooked up with plenty of girls in Miami?” Bermudez asked Ronnie, who replied, “I only hooked up with one girl. Well, two at the same time.”

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“And she didn’t tear up your stuff,” Bermudez said.

“She put her hands on me, though,” Ronnie said.

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“You dogged me!” an upset Sammi said.

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When asked, the rest of the cast agreed in unison they were glad to have a break from the insanity of living under the same roof as the fighting lovers.

Other points of interest on Thursday’s show: J-WOWW changes, for the better, in her love life; Deena relishing in her naughty, party girl reputation; castmates confronting The Situation on his constant pot-stirring; and Vinny and Snooki musing about their very subtle connection, yet inability to get it past the smush stage. As usual, Pauly D sat back, smiled and enjoyed the fireworks.

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Jersey Shore‘s fourth season will be based in Italy; check back with for more on Jersey Shore.



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